Victory Outreach Leadership School

Developing leaders who radically lead others to Christ

Developing leaders who radically lead others to Christ

The Victory Outreach Leadership School is a mentorship program that radically builds leaders that will engage the world, impact cities, become forces of outreach bringing the Kingdom of God wherever they go. We have 3 key learning environments.

Bible Classes

We have classes in multiple classes in 3 streams; Leadership, Pastoral ministries, and Biblical studies.

Leadership Laboratories 

We have year long leadership laboratories where each student will have hands on learning.


We provide personal mentoring to each student.

2 Track

1). Intern: Every intern will have a full course load, mentorship opportunities, and a leadership laboratory that will help them grow and yet have the flexibility to work a full time job.
2). Resident: The Residency is designed to be a full time, high intensity program that prepares you to be ready to take on major leadership opportunities at the close of that year.

Term: 1 year Program
Cost: Free to those who are approved

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