Our vision is to reach women caught up in the sex industry and fight for them, walk with them, be a loving community, bring hope, and provide a way out.

I fail everyday in my addiction, yet I come to see the HER Victory staff and you love me still and there is no judgement. I have never been judged here for my choices. I do not know where I would be without this Church, I think I would be dead.
— Izzy
I have been through other treatment programs and left half way through. I fell back into my old lifestyle and addiction and was right back where I started, hanging out with the same bad crowd. I connected with HER Victory months ago and they were interested in me and my journey to healing. It didn’t happen over night but I met with them daily, they held my hand through detox, they set up daily goals and plans, put believers in my life to pray with me, they advocated for me with my PO and family. I am now 3 weeks sober, I attend Eastside Church on Sundays, I complete my community hours and volunteer there and attend weekday bible study classes at the Church. I feel joy again, I think clearly and God is in my life
— Jen

If you need help, have questions, or just want to talk, call us at 403-273-1050 or message us below.

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