Weekly Group
Kick Starter

Friendship, fellowship, study, prayer, ministry, breaking of bread.

Weekly Group Kick Starter

The King and the Kingdom is here

What is the kingdom?

How do we receive the kingdom?

If the kingdom is where the king is on the throne, then what do we experience daily and weekly as the biggest challenges to the throne of our hearts?

How do we live the kingdom?

Its a new way to be human. Different rules because of a different ruler?  What are some of the major differences between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world? Ask the question what would the worlds issues look like if Jesus was king? What would Jesus do?

How to we align our align our priorities with His?

Read Romans 14:17 - discuss what righteousness means

What does it mean when people say the kingdom of God is inside out and upside down?

How do we bring the kingdom? Be agents of the Kingdom?

Read Matthew 16:19 - what does this mean? Discuss...

Read Matthew 10:7-8 - discuss

Prayer Matthew 6:9 - what does heaven on earth mean? How do you pray this?

1). Have everyone declare Jesus king of their life and heart if the want to.
2). The kingdom is there, start praying for heavens reality to touch earth in the areas of need in the room