Front Desk


Victory Outreach

Team Lead Expectations

Why Do We  Serve?

We serve and place extreme value on ALL people because Jesus has left us this example.
Jesus teaches us in the Gospels that leadership is servanthood.  Jesus Himself did not come to be served, but to serve. In the same way, when you come to church, prepare your heart to serve those around you. In God’s Kingdom, the greatest are those who give of their time, talent and treasure to serve those around them. Every person matters to God and you have the opportunity to change the world, one life at a time. There is no replacement for sincere kindness exchanged from one person to another!

“I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”                                        
- (Jesus) John 13:15

Getting Ready

1). Prepare your heart. Be prayed up and spiritually ready.
2). Arrive early enough to prepare for the day. Organize front desk. Make sure laptops, ipads, and other devices are ready. Set up music in the lobby.
3). Attend the team meeting and prayer before the day starts.

During Drop-in hours

1). Host the front desk while we are open.
2). Be friendly, courteous and helpful to everyone that comes in.
3). Check in people who come for hampers and let them know where to go next. Book people for hampers or direct people to other resources if they need them.
4). Clean up: Clean up the desk afterwards, put away computer, ipads and other equipment. File any and all paperwork in correct places. Make sure any and all confidential information is stored in a secure place.


To Show The World Who Jesus Is.


1). Love. Love God and Love People
2). Outreach: Outward not inward.
3). Build People. People are the Church.
4). Multiply. We refuse to merely maintain, but multiply.
5). Serve. The pathway to significance is through servanthood. We want to serve like Jesus.
6). Community. Life is better together,
7). Real. We want to be a place where real people encounter the real JESUS.
8). Speak life. We will have the praises and the perspective of God on our lips at all times.
9). Fun. Jesus is our Joy. Nothing is more enjoyable then serving Jesus with people you love.
10). All In. We are big faith, big thinking, bet the farm, risk takers. We will never insult God with small thinking and safe living.

The Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct
1). Respect (language, physical violence)
2). Sobriety
3). Modesty
4). No social clubs (We’re here to serve)
5). Fulfill the duties laid out in the Volunteer handbook for your specific area

Incident procedure:
Take it to your team lead and then you and your team lead can take it to the site pastor and then to whom ever necessary

Emergency procedure
  1. In case of Fire meet in front of the building at nearest intersection
  2. In case of violence or threats with weapons lock yourself in the room you are in and get on the floor.