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The goal is to help you lead your local community to Jesus

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Leadership Journey Today...

Level 1 - Join The Team

Step 1: Watch Volunteer Orientation Video

Step 2 
I would like to book an Orientation meeting and get started on my Leadership Journey.

Upon Completion of step 1 and step 2 you are officially a part of the
Victory Outreach Team.  You are a Level 1 Volunteer. Congrats!

Level 2 - Lead People

Step 1 - Complete Growth Track (3 class - live course)

Step 2 - Complete 2 Online Course

Contact the  Volunteer Coordinator to get your free login to the Video database

1). Reckless Love 

4 x 15 minute videos

The Basics

7 x 15 Minute Videos

Step 3 - Book a meeting with Leadership

Upon completion of Growth Track, 2 online courses, and a meeting with your leader,
you will be a level 2 volunteer.You will be able to serve in every area of ministry.

Level 3 - Apprentice 

Step 1 - Complete 3 Online Courses

Step 2 - Meet monthly with the area Leader

Step 3 - Complete at least 3 mentorship meetings with the Volunteer Coordinator

Book your meetings

Upon completion of the 3 online courses and 3 mentorship meetings you will be a level 3 leader and be an apprentice leader.

Level 4 - Lead A TEAM

Step 1 - Monthly mentor meetings with your apprentice and coach 

Step 2 - Complete Online Courses


Step 3 - Book meeting with Volunteer Coordinator once you have completed all courses

Upon completion of all courses while meeting consistently and dependably with your ministry leader you will be a Level 4 Leader and can lead a ministry of your own. Congrats!

This level leadership will be appointed at the discretion of the pastoral staff.

Level 5 - Coaching: Lead Leaders

Step 1 - Have Established track record of leading a growing ministry and the clear ability to raise up leaders (from level 1-4).

Step 2 - Meet consistently and dependably with your site pastor

Step 3 - Finish Online Courses

Step 4 - Book a Mentor Meeting with Sr. Leadership

Level 6 - Lead Your Own Ministry