Intake Handbook

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Victory Outreach

Team Lead Expectations

Why Do We  Serve?

We serve and place extreme value on ALL people because Jesus has left us this example.
Jesus teaches us in the Gospels that leadership is servanthood.  Jesus Himself did not come to be served, but to serve. In the same way, when you come to church, prepare your heart to serve those around you. In God’s Kingdom, the greatest are those who give of their time, talent and treasure to serve those around them. Every person matters to God and you have the opportunity to change the world, one life at a time. There is no replacement for sincere kindness exchanged from one person to another!

“I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”                                        
- (Jesus) John 13:15

Getting Ready

1). Prepare your heart. Be prayed up and spiritually ready.
2). Be on site enough time to set up your area and ensure all papers, books and resources are available for clients who need them.
Intake Process

Step 1 - Create Relationship

Say “Hey!”, welcome them and create relationship. Ask questions about them and sincerely care about they’re needs. Everybody needs a friend and life is better together.

Step 2 - The Need

Whats going on in they’re life that has brought them to this place? Whats going on? How can we help? Figure out if the need is food, shelter clothing, spiritual, or community and everything else we refer.
Provide referrals to those that need it. Referral list at the end of this document

Step 3 - Intake Form

Fill in the intake form on breeze.
Try to be as specific as possible. Make sure you’re making a connection with the person and not just filling out a form.

Step 4 - Pray

To close out the session, ask them if theres anything specific they would like prayer for, and if not, pray for them anyway.

Step 5 - Notes

When the client leaves, finish off by adding/editing any additional notes in the Breeze form. When you are ready for the next client go tell the front desk worker that you are ready for another client.
When they leave, finish off by adding/editing any additional notes in the Breeze form.

End of day:

Clean up your station, put away books, flyers and other items where they belong. Ensure any sensitive and/or private information is properly stored in a safe place or thoroughly destroyed.
Referral List

Working Girls

Her Victory
Jacquie Stefanowski
[email protected]
Book a time on Wednesdays

Next Step
Contact: Becky Bradbury
[email protected]
Pick up,detox,housing(SPARROW), programs and full support.

CHILL(Christ Healing in Low Lights)
Contact: Kristie
[email protected]
Coaching, career direction, life skills , emergency exit plans , spiritual mentorship.

Counter Exploitation Unit (VICE)
Immediate sex trade help
Both male and female

The Walk YYC
[email protected]
Reaches out- relationship based , mostly brothels, care packages.

Distress centre
Online/phone distress support, suicide,mental health concerns.
Suicide Prevention Hotline
Suicide prevention hotline and support.

*Food Bank *
5000 11 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2Y5
(403- 253-2055)
Basic needs of groceries.

The Alex
2840 2 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 7X9
(403- 266-2622)
Provides food , health and housing for the vulnerable.

The Victory Outreach
Basic need of food.
(Cut off 1:30pm Tuesday)

The DI
1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE, Calgary
Provides food, articles of clothing and shelter

Wins( For women)
3525 26 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2B 2M9
Provide the basic needs as well as a range of resources for women.

Claresholm Support Centre
139 43 Avenue W , Claresholm AB
Mental Health and addiction centre.

ACCESS Mental Health
Speak to health clinician for assistance and referral to clinic/hospital.

The Mustard Seed
Contact: Dona Ryder
[email protected]

Some medical assistance.
Alberta Health Services
Contact:Monica Dickson
[email protected]

Naloxone kits
Safe Works
(403-955-6570),(403-850-3755);mobile van
Safe needle use provides condoms and safe drug use.


[email protected]
Family support and programs;economically and community

Wins( For women)
3525 26 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2B 2M9
(403- 255-5102)
Provide the basic needs as well as a range of resources for women.

2734-76 Ave SE
[email protected]
Family resource centre.

Salvation Army
420 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0R9

The Victory Outreach
Clothing needs and support.

The DI
1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE, Calgary
(403 263-5707)
Provides food, articles of clothing and shelter

110-, 1603 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J7
(403- 237-8171)
Council, short term support , sex protection, legal support and advocacy.

District 8 police
450, Midpark Way S.E.
General help
** Drunk/High.**

The DOAP Team
Pick up in severe cases of drug use and referral programs.

Renfrew Recovery centre
1611 Remington Road NE
Detox centre.

Alpha House
203 15 Ave SE
Must do detox program before transitional bed. Suited for detox.

Narrow Road (Girls)
Contact: Sherri Tanner
[email protected]
Addiction recovery home (High River), programs,mentorship.

Sitemap 610 - 25 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2S 0L6
Help and support for women with addictions(must have 5 days absent of drugs/alcohol.

The Dream Center (Men’s)
4510 Macleod Trail S, Calgary, AB T2G 0A4
(403- 243-5598)

Help men in addiction recovery, transitional housing and long term affordable housing.
Alberta Health Services Addiction Clinic
(1 866 332 2322)
Help with addictions.

Inn from the Cold (Women and children)
(403) 263-8384
110 11 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0X5

The Source
316 7 Ave SE
Contact: Barbie
Homeless assistance - full resource and program assistance.

Contact:Melissa Bohnsack
[email protected]>
Forest Lawn community support and resources.

Sonshine Homes
Contact:Barb McConnel
[email protected]
Intake info : Iris


403-531-1972 (Hotline) / (403-531-1976)
Help women stay safe away from abusive relationships. Can go with children.

The Mustard Seed**
Contact: Dona Ryder
[email protected]
Help to find sustainable employment

The Mustard Seed
7025 44 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4E8
Contact: Dona Ryder
[email protected]
Basic need of shelter.

The DI
1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE, Calgary
(403- 263-5707)
Provides food, articles of clothing and shelter

Victory Housing
Contact:Charmaine Bannerman(Women’s)
Contact:Matt Bannerman ( Men’s)
Housing , independent living , light criminal past,faith community support.

The Salvation Army (Women)
3013 15 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T3C 3W7
( 403-930-2711 )
Emergency, transitional and residential accommodations where women can stay while getting support.

RESET ( Servent anonymous/WISH)
[email protected]
Emergency and transitional housing-must be sober 24hrs and 72 hrs drug free.

403) 221-8780
1001 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0B7

Sonshine Homes
Contact:Barb McConnel
[email protected]
Intake info : Iris
Support, childcare, programs

The DI
1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE, Calgary
Provides food, furniture, articles of clothing and shelter

Alberta Works
2752 Sunridge Way NE
Financial and employment support services.

[email protected]
Helps adults, youth and families in vulnerable situations achieve economic and social stability.

St.Vincent Nepal
PO Box 18035 Shawnessy Calgary, Alberta T2Y 3W0
Basic need assistance.

Sunrise Community Link
3303 17 Ave. SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0R2
[email protected]
(403) 204-8280

403) 221-8780
1001 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0B7
Children Cottage Society HomeBridge Program
403-242-8575, ext. 230


To Show The World Who Jesus Is.


1). Love. Love God and Love People
2). Outreach: Outward not inward.
3). Build People. People are the Church.
4). Multiply. We refuse to merely maintain, but multiply.
5). Serve. The pathway to significance is through servanthood. We want to serve like Jesus.
6). Community. Life is better together,
7). Real. We want to be a place where real people encounter the real JESUS.
8). Speak life. We will have the praises and the perspective of God on our lips at all times.
9). Fun. Jesus is our Joy. Nothing is more enjoyable then serving Jesus with people you love.
10). All In. We are big faith, big thinking, bet the farm, risk takers. We will never insult God with small thinking and safe living.

The Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct
1). Respect (language, physical violence)
2). Sobriety
3). Modesty
4). No social clubs (We’re here to serve)
5). Fulfill the duties laid out in the Volunteer handbook for your specific area

Incident procedure:
Take it to your team lead and then you and your team lead can take it to the site pastor and then to whom ever necessary

Emergency procedure
  1. In case of Fire meet in front of the building at nearest intersection
  2. In case of violence or threats with weapons lock yourself in the room you are in and get on the floor.