1). Our Goal is for real people to connect with the real God; with Jesus. To provide a place, a space that will help you pursue God. Then to provide you with teaching, resources, and the tools to pursue God and His plan for your life. The end goal is for this world to see Jesus, experience His love, and to love Him back.

2). We whole heartedly believe that life is better together. So, we make space and time in all of our gatherings for people to get to know each other; either at our cafe before and after the services, lunches, or a mid-week community groups. Come on out to the church even mid week and grab a coffee. We would love to get to know you

3). Need help? One of the greatest things about Church is that you are never alone. If you are needing help in any way, from needing prayer to needing relational, spiritual, or practical help please do not hesitate to call or email us. We'd love to have the opportunity to sit down with you.

We would love to connect with you

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