How in the world do we expect to walk into the will of God for us without actually doing the will of God?

You have probably heard that God has a plan for your life. Plans to prosper and not to harm. Ephesians 2:10 says you are God’s masterpiece. That’s right! Masterpiece. That He is building and forming you so that you can walk into the things he has set out for you long ago. God has a beautiful will for your life. But here in lies the one of the biggest struggles and may I say frustrations in the Christian life... Yes God has thousands of promises for us and they are yes and amen in Christ but how in the world do we walk into the promises God has already said yes to. One word. Thanksgiving. How in the world do we expect to walk into the will of God for us without actually doing the will of God? Get thankful! 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says its Gods will. STart doing the will of God and you will see the will of God happen. This is how we fight our battles. This is how we see the plans, purposes and victory that God promises happen. 1 Chronicles 20 JEHOSAPHAT is surrounded by the enemy and facing eminent death and it says the moment he began to sing “Give thanks to the Lord His faithful love endures forever” everything changed and God fought his battles.  He walked into victory and even was blessed from the plunder because the Praise and thanked God. Acts 16 Paul and Silas were jailed for preaching the gospel and rather than complaining about leaders and possible how it looked like God let them down, they praise God and watched God move, earthquake hit, freedom happen, salvation come to peoples lives, and thousands of years later we are talking about 2 guys that chose to thank God rather than complain and they saw God move in Power. I go on and on with examples, but it is clear in scripture that a thankful heart and a sacrifice of praise is what God wants. Even when we think we don’t have anything to be thankful for, or maybe we might want to complain, be sad, mad or want people to join our party of pity, we need to sacrifice that selfish want and thank Him and watch Him move. Even if we can’t see anything to be thankful for then Give thanks to the Lord because His faithful love endures forever. It is never ending, unfailing, unstoppable love and it is directed at you. That is enough. So walk into your circumstance and declare God loves you and is for you and get thankful and watch God move.


Challenge  - Give thanks daily for at least 10 things. Why 10? Because we can all be thankful for 2-5 things that what we know we should be thankful for. But you have to dig deep and hopefully You will hit a water main of thankfulness and it will spring up and flood your life with thanks. 

DO the will of God to see the will of God happen!