Day Four

You Have A Relationship            

“Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” - John 15:4

Our God is an all powerful God! We can never forget, that although God is our GOOD Heavenly father, He is also the king and ruler of the universe. He is deserving of our honour and adoration (Rev 4:11). As the Almighty God, He holds the entire universe in His hands, yet as our father, He also bends low to pick up His children. Jesus told us that God wants us to know and consider Him first as our Heavenly Father (Luke 11:2). We should approach His throne with respect, but we should also approach God’s throne with confidence and boldness (Hebrews 4:16). Why does God want us to see Him first and foremost as a Heavenly father? Because He wants us to know that living with Him isn’t about duty or obligation. Being a Christian is not about empty religious practices, it is about having a deep and intimate relationship. When Jesus walked on the earth, He turned to His disciples and said “I’m not going to call you servants anymore, I want to call you friends (John 15:15).” Do you see God’s heart? He wants relationship with you! 

Relationships take work. Your best relationships are the ones that you have been faithful to invest into. God wants you to abide (or remain) in Him. To put an anchor down and let it sink deep into His love so that you will not drift away. Remaining in God’s love requires effort. If you don’t prioritize staying near to God, you will naturally drift away, sometimes without even realizing it. 

The best way to remain in God’s love, is to read your Bible and to pray everyday. Surround yourself with people who will go to church with you and who will nudge you closer to God. (You may have to distance yourself from people who will want to drag you back into old patterns of living.) If you want to have a deep and fulfilling relationship with God you’ve got to be careful to guard God’s place as number one in your life. There will always be a long list of things that you need to get done. Life is busy and full of demands and pressures. God doesn’t want you to face those pressures alone. Start your day going first to Him, asking for His strength and joy to live your best day.

Prayer: God, I honour you as God over all of the earth! You are worthy of all my praise and honour, and yet you bend low to be with me - wow! God, I want to have a deep and fulfilling relationship with you. Help me to make you number one in my life. Keep me near you so that I will not drift away. Amen”

Bible Reading: Matthew 22:37- 40, John 14, Ephesians 2, Matthew 7:13-14, Acts 17:27